How to Find the Best Airline Prices |


If you are planning to travel by plane, however, it is likely that you could benefit from plane tickets. There aren't many of us who would refuse a cheap plane ticket if we could, for sure. Gas prices have increased significantly, and all transportation costs are now following, so unless you are raising money it is very important to get a plane ticket.

After 911, there was a long period where you could easily find cheap ones cheap. People are afraid of terrorism and nervous about the potential for security breaches. So nobody wanted to fly, which left airlines a big problem – lots of empty seats. To try to get their planes full passengers back, airlines have started offering great deals on flights. They almost begged people to come back to the air again.

Cheap tickets in a competitive market

Things have changed since then when planes fly from 90% full instead of 70% after 911. Also, now that the economy is shrinking and people want to save a few bucks, finding cheap airfares is extremely important. Very few people are willing to pay the regular ticket price, which is why websites offering great ticket deals are on the rise.

Some of the most popular are and with a huge number of visitors every day. Don't be fooled. Just going to one of these sites and checking their offers is not always the way to get the best airfare deal. In reality, they have to make money somehow, so their price tag is indicated.

Of course, fares will still be cheaper than regular ticket prices, but you might be able to buy the same ticket for quite a few dollars less if you go directly to the airline's website. First, check the locations of the deal, then see if you can do better on the airline's website.

Going Direct

I personally visit the discount websites, find half sixteen really good prices that fit my travel plans, make a note of which airline they go to, and then visit the airline's website and compare prices. I almost always buy a ticket directly from the airline to get the best deal.

If you regularly fly between two places, you will sooner find that there are usually only one or two airlines that consistently offer good deals on that route, so you can start looking only at their sites and save yourself some time.

Smaller airlines

Another way to get a cheap discount is to look at some of the smaller carriers that travel to your destination. Sure, big airlines will come there, but you may be able to find one of the smaller airlines or even a charter airline that wants to get deals and therefore offer cheap tickets. If you do this in some way, it may limit you to traveling more often, which may mean that there are only a few flights to choose from, not dozens, but it is still a great way to get cheaper.

Getting the best deals on airline flights does not take much time, but you will need to do some homework. If you do your best, though, you'll get cheaper flights. Great trip!