Best days to book and travel by air


Ever wondered when is the best time to buy a plane ticket and on what days it is most economical to travel? Knowing the answers to these questions can save you money and valuable time.

Best time to book a plane ticket

Many travelers do not realize that the best time to book airline tickets is when the airlines announce the sale. It happens every Tuesday on Tuesdays, which makes this day the best place to book. And to be more precise, 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, so sync your watch if you're hoping for a good rate!

Best time frame to buy

Postponing tickets is not a good thing when buying or booking a trip. Many travelers mistakenly think that if they wait, prices will go down. This is not necessary and, as a result, individuals end up spending even more than they cost.

Depending on whether you are traveling home or abroad, here is a timeframe you should keep in mind if you are hoping for the best airfare:

> Domestic prices (US): Purchase between three months and 30 days before departure.

> International rates: Purchase between 5-1 / 2 months and 1-1 / 2 months before departure.

Cheapest days and times to fly

There is not much strategy here, as common sense tells us the law of supply and demand. A good rule of thumb is that the least convenient trip to, say, a school and work schedule, is more likely to cost less.

So, as for the day of the week and the time of day, this is a general rule of thumb for the cheapest times of the flight:

> Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday

> Times: When people don't normally want to fly, such as red-eye and night flights and those at dawn and evening.

The most expensive days to fly

Friday and Sunday, which are certainly the best days for most leisure travelers.

Great tricks when booking a plane ticket

Here's a little helpful hint. When buying and booking a ticket, buy one passenger at a time. The reason is that the airline will find the cheapest flight when looking for one. If you enter more than one and the inventory shows one ticket at a low price and many at a higher price, the system will capture the price of a ticket that is higher when looking for more tickets.

Another recommendation for finding the best airline ticket is to use price alerts with online booking services like TripAdvisor, Expedia and FareCompare, as they will email you when prices drop.

Here's to economical travel!