Discover Manila – Rome East


If your travel budget is tailored and you want to spend more on your city tours than on lodging, booking an Airbnb would be a viable option.

The National Museum of the Philippines, located in the city, plays a huge role in restoring and protecting various heritage sites across the country. It is a scientific, educational and cultural institution with many exhibits such as anthropological, archeological, ethnographic and visual arts. Grab lucrative Philippine airlines and get a chance to learn about the country's culture from the best in the business. Other museums worth visiting are the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Rizal Shrine and the Museum of the Philippine People.

Located in the only Christian country in Asia, where about 86% of the population is Roman Catholic, you can visit many beautiful Churches in the city. Binondo Church, located in Binondo County, is a landmark of the 16th century tower. A few other churches worth your time are San Agustin Church, Quiapo Church, San Sebastian Church, Malate Church and Manila Cathedral. Search online and get some fantastic deals from Philippine airlines and see the splendor of these historic sites and their architecture.

After a few days of exploring city culture, if you want to have some fun then Star City is the place for you. It is an amusement park located on Pasay. There are 30 different rides sorted by age and visitor preferences. The different parts of the ride are Family Rides, Extreme Rides, Excitement Rides and Kiddie Rides. One of the best features of this place is that 70% of the facilities are covered and air-conditioned, making it convenient to visit at any time. One of the most beloved features of the park is the giant wheel called the & # 39; Giant Star Wheel & # 39 ;. When you find some Philippine airline fares, visit this exciting park and leave lasting memories.

The people of the country are proud of their culture and thus have set up a corporation to preserve and promote the country's art and cultural heritage. Located in Pasay, this corporation is named & # 39; Cultural Center of the Philippines & # 39 ;. His programs consist of the production of various entertainment shows, exhibitions and festivals, which showcase his history and culture.

Book a Filipino plane ticket in advance and take advantage of Philippine plane tickets and visit some of the major attractions such as Manila Ocean Park, Coconut Palace, Manila Metropolitan Theater, Arroceros Forest Park, and Masjid Al-Dahab, a dome of the golden dome Muslim community.

The best times to visit Manila are the dry months of March, April and May. At night, the city outline of the city provides a scene. Pack your bags and have fun exploring this beautiful city.